Simfield Access Solutions

#Why We Do What We Do

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Many people ask why we do what we do and the answer is simple, we love what we do. We think it’s fair to say that rope access is a little bit different to your standard job, and to some probably their worst nightmare, especially for those nervous of heights. But the key difference is most people in 2017 are working in offices, many tradesmen working the outdoors and of course the people who work at home. But seriously how many people do you know who can say their workspace is 100 feet in the air?

But it’s not all a fright at height, in fact, it’s a great experience. We work all over the world on projects far and wide with no worry of repetition because NO job is the same. Working with difficult projects is the norm for us and we just love it when we are faced with a challenge.

Apart from the adrenaline of the job, the reason we love what we do is the fact that we have a team that’s success relies completely on collaboration and our team really does live up to that. It’s very important in this area of work to completely trust your team because imagine being 200 feet in the air with a person you do not trust acting as your support, well that could be a scary experience!

Working as a collaborative is a must for the job, it ensures safety in emergencies when the team needs to quickly react to the situation they are faced with. Also, collaboration is imperative for completing the endless difficult tasks faced with gaining access to difficult to reach structures, whilst servicing them to a high standard. We really do love working as a team and have absolute pride in the work we do together, always striving for getting a job well done for our clients.

But the secret reason we really do what we do is because being at height offers us a range of benefits; it’s a great place to ‘hang out’ with colleagues and get ‘free’ tickets with a bird’s eye view of the nearby football stadium. As well as getting that much-deserved peace and quiet we have not been getting at home…

But all jokes aside, nothing is better in our eyes than working with a team you trust, travelling around the nation and seeing amazing sights whilst working hard at height. we have all trained for many years and worked on a myriad of projects. We understand the true benefits of rope access and how it can become a cost-effective and sustainable solution to access problems. We are specialists in Rope access, fall protection and ETFE and train consistently because we are determined to be the best at what we do.

Finally, with the emergence of technology in our sector, such as drones and the opportunities with live feed as well as automatic motor ropes you can be assured that our love for rope access will not change anytime soon as we are enthusiastic about utilising this tech too soon offer a wide range of modern services which are quicker, more efficient and more effective than ever before.

If you have any access issues regarding your structure or need any advice please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.