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How to Tie the Alpine Butterfly

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How to Tie the Alpine Butterfly Knot

The Alpine Butterfly

The Alpine butterfly is a very popular knot which is known by many names including; the lineman’s loop, the lineman’s rider and the butterfly knot. It is primarily used for segregating damage from specific sections of rope and for the intent of mid rope belay. The Alpine butterfly is used to form a secure loop in the middle of the rope which can be hooked on by rope access technicians. They use it when they have no access to either end of the rope because it can be tied without access to any ends of the rope and is very easy to untie. First, form a bight in the middle of the rope, then twist and create it into two loops and make the one on the top larger than the other.  Secondly, grab the top loop and drag it down over the lower loop and fold it where both loops meet so the bottom loop is inside the first loop. Finally, reach to the edge of the lower loop (the larger loop) and bring it through the second loop and make sure you tighten it securely.

Simplified instructions:

  1. Form a bight in the middle of the rope
  2. Create two loops (top one larger than bottom) by twisting the bite twice
  3. Bring the loop down and over the lower loop
  4. Fold it at the crossover between both ropes so that the bottom loop is practically inside
  5. Take the larger loop and bring it through the second loop
  6. Tighten securely

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