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That awkward moment when we got a UAV as an employee on our team

Back in 2016, we sent our recruiters out on a mission to find us an expert to join our team, after months of searching for the perfect candidate we eventually found him. Simfeed is the name. He doesn’t speak much, apart from an occasional beep and goes mental if you don’t know how to work him. But he is not all that bad, he is equipped with the latest technology and knows it all when it comes to surveying. Did I also mention he can fly? This is that awkward moment when we got a UAV as an employee.

But all jokes aside, what would you have said 10 years ago, if you got told that an unmanned aerial vehicle would be conducting a survey of your structure and solving your problems? Bullsh*t probably. But now in 2017, the emergence of drone technology is no longer a fantasy lit up in smoke, it is now a reality. One with extraordinary benefits which have revolutionised the way we work forever.

Simfeed is a powerful addition to the team, enhancing our capabilities so we can provide clients with a seamless experience, more control and less hassle forever.

The benefits:

There are many benefits to using UAV technology in our industry and has proven to be an asset. In the past drones used to be unreliable, unstable and had an extreme issue with battery life, preventing effective assessments from taking place. But now in 2017, this has all changed. Simfeed (our UAV, employee) is an industry standard drone without these issues and is ready to tackle any project you may face at him. Simfield allows us to quickly and efficiently conduct reliable assessments and surveys at height with ease, aligning with our rope access talents Simfeed makes working at height look easy. Utilising drone technology has made it so less personnel are needed on the initial survey, as well as minimalizing the need for excess equipment reducing hassle, time and costs. Furthermore, it gives the client far more control by harnessing its live feed capability which aids collaboration between both parties, aiding logistics and planning but also ensuring clients are happy with the work that has been done. This being so, it gives project managers peace of mind throughout the project.

What services can they provide?

Drones can be used and assist our specialist rope access team by allowing us to conduct dimensional, visual and volumetric surveys as well as provide essential thermal imaging and Live feeds. This has greatly increased our capability and our capacity to carry out complex tasks with ease. As this technology grows even further into the near future the possibilities of additional services that can be provided are developing rapidly, which will eventually lead to the solution of many problems faced by rope access specialists, creating new uses for drone technology.

Where can Drones be used?

There are many uses for UAV’s and can be used for a diverse range of situations no matter how complex, acting as a brilliant partner to an already height experienced team. This collaboration between drone and rope specialist could be the best relationship status since Man and dog. In 2017 and beyond expect drones servicing areas such as bridges, buildings and structures, dams and railways and much more to follow.

Do we still like him?

Overall, we are extremely happy with Simfeed, our first UAV employee and will be continuing to use his services, he is now part of our permanent team and you can find him in the team section of our website. If you need Simfeed to get the job done for you or need a talented team rope specialists (or both) to assist you do not hesitate to call or contact us directly.

Engage in the debate:

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