Simfield Access Solutions

10,000 Sqm of ETFE


Yet another successful project with our long-standing clients Vector Folitec & Balfour Beatty where we effectively installed 10,000 square meters of ETFE roofing system.

Our client required us to provide the overall onsite management of the project, supervision, and guidance as well as specialist equipment and an effective team to provide the labouring services throughout the project.

The project was 8 months in duration and required 30 operatives on site at the peak of the project. After hearing their requirements, we created a bespoke plan and strategy to complete the project efficiently.


Firstly, we spent 2 months researching and planning for the tender submission.


Secondly, we worked with a pressurised program to ensure all deadlines were met whilst ensuring the roofing was completed to the highest quality and the project completed as agreed.

Finally, after the project, we had regular post installation meetings to ensure it was completed to their standard and to discuss in detail the positives and negatives from the project.

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