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Case Study – Dalton Park Painting

  • Site – Dalton Park, Murton
  • Start Date – September 2017
  • End Date – January 2018
  • Objective(s) – To paint all the high access areas of the retail park’s metal work.


Our original plan to access the high areas of the metal work structures beneath the tensile fabric canopy was to use a cherry picker to quickly and efficiently maneuver from area to area. Unfortunately, new flagstones for the park had been ordered and laid before Simfield arrived on the scene. A cherry picker was no longer an option as the weight would surely damage the newly laid flags. Looks like it’s time to get the ropes out…

Dalton Park Painting



In order to provide full coverage of all metal areas, we would need to access the areas above the flags. We now opted to use rope access to scale and reach the heights required to paint the metal work. This slowed our progress compared to using a cherry picker, but in this situation there really was no other option.

Dalton Park Painting



Using rope access proved to be effective for the interior metalwork, but a problem arose when tackling the triangular supports of the structure. A cherry picker could access from beneath, but rope access could not. However, instead of risking damaging the flagstones to utilise their cherry picker, we developed a bespoke solution. Using straps, we created a secure step ladder which formed our climbing frame. With access now secured to the hardest to reach part of the park, our work here was done.

Dalton Park Painting


Debrief & Review

The job became larger the moment cherry pickers were taken off the table. However, Simfield are never deterred from the task. Our bespoke solution worked perfectly, and our client was overjoyed with a fresh coat of paint with no damage to their newly laid floor.

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