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Case Study – Merrion House Brickworks

  • Site – Council Building, Leeds
  • Start Date – March 2018
  • End Date – April 2018
  • Objective(s) – Carry out repointing works without impairing nearby pedestrian at street level or traffic.


Our client at the Leeds Council Building was in desperate need of repointing. Unfortunately, being right beside a main road in a city centre presents immediate issues when trying to access the issue. Simfield were called in as rope access specialists with experience repointing, to carry out the work.

Case Study – Leeds Council Building Repointing


When considering other access techniques that could have been utilised, only rope access stood out as capable of undertaking the work. A glass atrium beneath the work area prevented any other form of access being viable. To carry out the work, our specialists would have to scale up then abseil down.

Case Study – Leeds Council Building Repointing


Once our level 3 specialists rigged the ropes up, our team proceeded with thet ask. Tackling the building’s facing from top to bottom, abseiling down whilst working at each section. With everything clipped on securely, they were able to carry out the work with no disruption beneath them and without any risk of damage to the public or the building.

Debrief & Review

Having met our objectives within the restrictions and timeline set, our client was happy with the results. The site is a testament to rope access’ ability to provide building maintenance no matter the location or layout of the building.

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