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Case Study – Liverpool Unity Building Repointing

  • Site – Liverpool Unity Building
  • Start Date – June 2017
  • End Date – September 2017
  • Objective(s) – To provide a bespoke access solution to assist in the removal and replacement of damaged panes of glass.


Our client at the Liverpool Unity Building faced a problem. Over time, weather had damaged some panes of glass which could not be accessed in any way from the ground, as the River Mersey cut off any hope of bringing a crane to the location.  Our client had even been told that access was ‘impossible’. Time to get to work.

Liverpool Unity Building


Our engineers at Simfield designed and manufactured a bespoke lifting beam that was capable of lifting heavy loads to be installed on the roof. With our new device tested thoroughly, we brought it to the site and began to set up.

Case Study - Liverpool Unity Building


Working with Glass Solutions, we installed the lifting beam ready to tackle what our client was told was impossible. One by one, we removed each damaged pane of glass and reinstalled a fresh pane, lifting the aesthetic of the building immensely.

Case Study - Liverpool Unity Building

Debrief & Review

Our client was more than thrilled to be rid of a problem they thought would never go away. With all work being completed and ahead of schedule, we can look back on this as just another day at Simfield. Innovating access and doing the impossible.

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