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Case Study – London Stadium Maintenance / Clean

  • Site – London Stadium
  • Start Date – November 2016
  • End Date – December 2016
  • Objective(s) – Conduct an inspection of previously installed ETFE material and carry out any external maintenance on the grounds.


This was not the first time we have visited the London Stadium, home of West Ham UTD. Simfield previously visited to install an ETFE layer on the site. Now, we came back to inspect the ETFE for signs of wear or damage, and to carry out any external maintenance on the grounds themselves.


In order to access the upper sections and the ETFE layer itself, we required the use of a cherry picker. Rope Access was ruled out in this circumstance, as the extra time it would take would be unnecessary.

Case Study - London Stadium


After setting up our rigs, we carried out our initial inspection of the grounds to check the steelworks for signs of erosion and damage to the paint. Finding none, we turned to our secondary objective. Jet washers were brought up with the cherry picker to wash and clean the ETFE layers before we called it a day and scaled back to ground.

Case Study - London Stadium

Debrief & Review

Our thorough inspection found no areas in need of maintenance. With a jet wash and clean, the ETFE layer was left looking immaculate. Our work was completed promptly and on schedule, and our client was wholly satisfied with the results.Case Study - London Stadium

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