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Case Study – Merrion House Cladding

  • Site – Merrion House, Leeds
  • Start Date – April 2018
  • End Date – May 2018
  • Objective(s) – Repair and replace damaged cladding panels which were resulting in water seeping in.


Merrion House is situated in the city centre of Leeds. After harsh weather, clad panels had become damaged which in turn led to water seeping into the building. Unfortunately, the location of Merrion House and it’s glass structures made using a traditional access method impossible short of shutting down the centre of Leeds. Seeking rope access specialists, Simfield were tasked with repairing and replacing the damaged panels.

Case Study – Merrion House Cladding


An initial assessment of both the interior and exterior highlighted the problem areas we would need to access. With rigs we would be able to scale the building, whilst a winch would aid in removing damaged panels and installing new ones.

Case Study – Merrion House Cladding


Being well acquainted with operating in tight confines, Simfield were able to proceed with tackling each damaged panel, repairing and removing as necessary without causing any disruption at ground level. With all our gear attached to our harnesses, we left no clutter as we worked across the building.

Case Study – Merrion House Cladding

Debrief & Review

Finishing the project on schedule, our client was incredibly satisfied with Simfield’s quality of work and ability to find effective solutions to their access problem. They were so happy with the results, that we have returned to Merrion House on a variety of other projects.

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