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Case Study – Old Trafford Maintenance

  • Site – Old Trafford
  • Start Date – August 2017
  • End Date – September 2017
  • Objective(s) – Provide high level cleaning as part of the site’s mandatory yearly clean for maintenance purposes.


Old Trafford required a yearly clean as part of their annual routine maintenance, and looked to find an effective solution while keeping costs down. Simfield stepped in to provide their answer.

Case Study – Old Trafford Maintenance


Approaching the job in a similar fashion to our work at the London Stadium, we considered our options for access. Cherry pickers were ruled out for their added cost, instead we opted to utilise rope access to access the high levels for cleaning.


Quickly after setup, we were able to scale the height and carry out the work. With a timeline of just a week, we had to work swiftly and safely. With daily updates provided to the facilities manager, we kept our client fully informed over the short project span.

Case Study – Old Trafford Maintenance

Debrief & Review

Rope access resulted in a much cheaper project overall, saving our client on needless expense. With the work completed on schedule, our client was delighted and Simfield left another job checked off.

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