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Case Study – Victoria Station Coating Inspections

  • Site – Victoria Station, Manchester
  • Start Date – August 2017
  • End Date – September 2017
  • Objective(s) – To inspect the steelwork for signs of corrosion and paint thickness.


Maintenance issues become problematic when you can’t afford to shut down the site. The Victoria Station in Manchester brought Simfield in to help with their routine steelwork inspections.

Case Study – Victoria Station Inspections


Victoria Station is always buzzing with commuters and staff workers. As such, the idea of using an MEWP to quickly tackle the work was ruled out for safety concerns, leaving rope access as the next best choice. Using ropes access to carry out the inspection allowed us to carry out our work as normal, with no impact to the client or the public.


After rigging our ropes to height, our Nace coating inspectors carried out thorough inspections and testing of the steel works, moving section by section to inspect for signs of rust or erosion. Wherever we found it, we carried out prompt testing and if need be, restoration of all damaged areas.

Debrief & Review

Without hindering our client or the public, we carried out a large inspection on schedule with zero impact. Our client was so thrilled with the results, that Simfield will be returning annually to carry out inspections in the future.

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