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Are you looking to find challenging rope access work with a professional team? Then you are in the right place. At Simfield we are always adding to our ranks of contractors who we can call upon to become part of the team and deliver a high quality level of work. Contractors who turn up and impress us, will be highly considered for all future work that can use their skills, and there is no shortage of future projects.

Working as part of Simfield’s team has a few requirements, so ask yourself:

Are you an IRATA qualified rope access technician of any level?

Do you know how to effectively work as part of a team?

Are safety and compliance core values to you?

Are you eager to take on challenging work?

If you answered Yes to all of these, you might be just the type of operative we need!

Your Journey

When working with Simfield Access Solutions, your journey starts with your application. You can submit your application through the Apply Now button on this page. Answer as much as you can, and provide as much information about yourself as you can. 

Once we have your application, we will be in contact when we find a job to which your particular skill set is suited to. At Simfield, we demand the best, but nobody can give their best if they are punching above their weight. For example, if we need a technician to join a team working in a complex indoor atrium, we will look for IRATA level 2 and above. On the other hand, painting and mastic works can easily be handled by IRATA level 1. We can provide this level of work for higher qualified technicians, but we strive to give your work appropriate for your qualification level.

Once we have found work and you have agreed to it, we will see you on site! We do our best to provide transport assistance to you if you need it. If you drive, we will give you money towards your costs. If you don’t drive, we will happily help arrange public transport or to be picked up by the team. 

After a day on the site we will have the best possible idea of your skill set. If you have performed well and made the team proud, you can expect to be shortlisted for future work, and we will be seeing you again! 


Some Of Our Clients

We ensure our clients requirements are met beyond their expectations.

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