Simfield Access Solutions

Rope access in the modern age is simply a means of working at height that not only lowers the logistical cost, but minimises the risk of injury to both the workers and pedestrians at ground level. Rope Access companies in today’s age put safety first, but it wasn’t always that way. In the past, working at height was done only by those who had the stomach to stand it, and it was a job that drew equal parts awe and terror.

Working at height as a concept has been around for as long as there have been tall buildings. Whilst some people orchestrate wild theories on how the pyramids were built, we know it was rope access’ early progenitor. Before people could offer rope access services, they had to do it all without the rope, meaning your lifespan as a rigger would be measured entirely on your balance! After advancements in mountaineering became more common, the link was made between new tools created for rock-climbing adventurers, and high access requirements for construction and maintenance.

The result was rope access companies being able to offer themselves out with the unique ability to climb the sides of buildings and work there, suspended with everything they need, at a greatly lowered risk of falling. Without the need for a background in rock climbing,  more and more workmen could train to work at height, with high access jobs becoming more and more accessible as the technology advanced. Eventually this lead to the foundation of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), created by the top rope access companies to help tackle rope access offshore such as oil rig maintenance. Over time, IRATA became known as a governing body, an authority in rope access who offer training and qualifications to high access workers, these qualifications which are now make-or-break for a rope-dangling technician.

Simfield prides itself on it’s IRATA qualified team, as those qualifications are hard proof of commitment to learning, safe practices and efficiency. Long gone are the days of people taking their lives (and the lives of anyone beneath them) into their own hands. With an IRATA certified technician, you are assured that no matter how difficult the request, it is always carried out safely. If you need help at height, you’ve found the right place. Get in touch below, and let us know how we can access your needs.