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About ETFE

Why Choose ETFE?

ETFE is a great solution to choose because it is durable, highly transparent, and is a lightweight alternative to other solutions such as glass. ETFE is a popular material that can be used for anything from traditional skylight applications to long span structures and building facades. This material can also be printed on to display designs.

We Help to Install, Maintain and Inspect

As ETFE specialists, we install, maintain and inspect ETFE to your exact needs. With our extensive experience and skills, we work with you at any stage to make your project a success. At Simfield Access Solutions we take great pride in our work, and we strive constantly to satisfy our clients, and deliver impressive results first time, every time. 

Is ETFE Transparent?

ETFE is a highly transparent material with 90-95% visibility. This allows UV rays to pass through ETFE efficiently, making it a highly attractive substitute to glass. For the same reason, ETFE is an alternative to roofs and walkway covers as it provides an option that allows for the transmission of light as well as hard cover without added costs or weight.

Is ETFE Sustainable?

ETFE saves energy throughout the entire process of creation, from extruding the film to it’s transportation to site. ETFE is a direct competitor with glass, and offers almost all of the transparency, with added insulation at a lower cost. This material is vitally important in tackling climate change and reducing energy and lighting costs in buildings today.

Is ETFE Affordable?

ETFE is extremely affordable for two main reasons. Firstly, due to it’s lightweight nature, concrete foundations and substructure support systems can be designed far more efficiently. Secondly, it provides natural daylighting, which reduces energy costs on indoor lighting. Its also more affordable than glass, of which ETFE is the alternative.

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We ensure our clients requirements are met beyond their expectations.

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Modern Techniques And
Best Equipment In The Industry

At Simfield Access Solutions safety and quality of work are our highest priority

Our rope access technicians always work at peak performance, and are highly specialised in their field. No area is too high or difficult for us to reach, so never stress about gaining access.

Our specialists have extensive experience in installing ETFE and tensile fabrics at height for a wide range of applications, that can provide cost-efficient and modern alternatives.

We provide diverse installation solutions across the nation. No matter the height or difficulty of access, we make access our objective and prepare our team to adapt to meet your needs.

We provide both routine and ad hoc maintenance solutions for your structure, utilising high access methods such as rope access to keep your costs low and your efficiency high.

Inspections must be thorough and accurate, so make sure the experts are doing yours. Simfield has over 25 years experience inspecting a diverse range of different projects across the UK.

We offer a wide range of services that we can tailor to suit your exact needs. By working on a number of projects of all sizes, we are very capable and proficient in adapting to your needs.

Andrew Manterfield, Director

“With over 25 years of experience we have mastered the art of Rope Access, Fall Protection ETFE and Tensile Fabric ensuring our work for our clients is always at an exceptional standard. We pride ourselves in being able to react quickly, professionally and safely to our client’s requests.”

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At Simfield Access Solutions safety and quality of work are our highest priorities.


ConstructionLine is a nationwide government run scheme that ensures Simfield Access Solutions meet the requirements from government and industry standards. Thanks to our accreditation, you can be of or dedication to meeting your demands and  that the services provided by us are done to an exceptional standard.


Simfield are at the forefront of health and safety, and it is a core value in every project we work on. Passing the CHAS assessment ensures that our management team is highly capable at managing health and safety during a project, and that we have the ability, experience and resources to carry out any project our clients require of us.

SafeContractor Approved

Simfield are accredited by SafeContractor which is a globally recognised health and safety assessment company which highlights our commitment to taking health and safety seriously. This accreditation provides our clients peace of mind, knowing that every project we undertake is planned and executed to a high and professional standard.

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Some Of Our Clients

We ensure our clients requirements are met beyond their expectations.

Use Simfield Access Solutions for an executive reliable experience.

At Simfield Access Solutions safety and quality of work are our highest priority.​