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About Fall Protection

The Importance of Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection is a vital to preventing potential injury and loss of life whilst working at height. It is used as a backup system, put in place should a worker lose his or her balance at height, that controls or otherwise eliminates the potential for injury. Simfield Access Solutions have a range of fall protection solutions that can be assembled for any scenario.

Our Fall Protection

There is no need to worry about the risks associated with working at height. Not only does rope access have an impeccable safety record as a high access method, but Simfield offers a comprehensive range of fall protection systems. We prioritise safety as above all else and have extensive expertise working on projects across the nation.

What Protection is Available?

We offer protection in a number of circumstances including abseil protection. Personal protection solutions include horizontal and vertical wire and rail systems and free-standing anchors and weights. Collective protection solutions include guardrails, walkways, gantry and ship ladders, fall arrest netting and tensioned access platforms.

What are Abseil Rails and Anchor Bolts?

Abseil rails and anchor bolt installations are an effective solution that is capable of being implemented in the early stage of projects. It enables facade access without the need for expensive building maintenance units. Anchor bolts grant safe access to out of reach structures as operatives must fix to two separately anchored points in order to proceed.


What is Personal Fall Protection?

A personal fall protection system is a solution to falling hazards, and often comprises of free-standing anchors and weights, horizontal and vertical wire systems and handrail systems. There is a wide range of products available to be employed for personal fall protection, however it is predominantly based on the operatives wearing a harness and a connector joining them to an anchor.

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