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Rope Access

What is Rope Access?

Rope Access is a specialist technique that utilises ropes to provide effective and immediate access to difficult to reach areas. Rope Access teams quickly and efficiently set up and establish access to the target area where they can provide essential inspections, maintenance and handle any other requests. When completed, the team quickly and easily descend to the ground via commercial abseiling. Finally, the team will debrief you on the project’s success.

What is Rope Access?

Why Use Rope Access?

When you require access to a place out of reach, you officially need rope access. Rope Access has huge benefits over other high access methods, such as the lowered costs, reduced setup time and lesser manpower required. Not only does rope access provide all these benefits, but it does so at a fraction of the disturbance that other methods cause.

Why You Choose Us?

You should choose Simfield if you want a company with over 25 years experience in the industry. We have dedicated ourselves to providing high access solutions to clients across the country and abroad. By using the most modern techniques with the best equipment in the industry, our passionate team are well-prepared to undertake any work.

Rope Access Services

Rope access is a specialist access technique that utilises harnesses, anchors and multiple ropes in order to effectively provide manned access to difficult to reach locations. The team quickly ascent to the required area, and carry out their work with tools attached to them. The range of tasks rope access can be applied to is staggering.

What are the Benefits of Rope Access?

Put simply, no access method is quicker, cheaper or more reliable than rope access. Traditional methods such as scaffolding are simply not versatile enough to be applied to a range of jobs. Rope access, however, is applicable to almost every situation and building, does not cause obstructions, saves money and time, and is incredibly safe.

Where can Rope Access be used?

Rope access is the best access method for all high-traffic areas such as city centres. Additionally, it is the best access methods for highly restricted areas, due to rope access’ inherent ability to be set up anywhere and begin. However, some of the best applications of rope access include high rise buildings, wind turbines, railways, shopping centres and bridges.

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We have over 25 years experience Servicing Clients in UK and abroad. No area is too high or difficult for us to reach!

Modern Techniques And
Best Equipment In The Industry

At Simfield Access Solutions safety and quality of work are our highest priority

Andrew Manterfield, Director

“With over 25 years of experience we have mastered the art of Rope Access, Fall Protection ETFE and Tensile Fabric ensuring our work for our clients is always at an exceptional standard. We pride ourselves in being able to react quickly, professionally and safely to our client’s requests.”

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For A Reliable Executive Experience.

At Simfield Access Solutions safety and quality of work are our highest priorities.


ConstructionLine is a nationwide government run scheme that ensures Simfield Access Solutions meet the requirements from government and industry standards. Thanks to our accreditation, you can be of or dedication to meeting your demands and  that the services provided by us are done to an exceptional standard.


Simfield are at the forefront of health and safety, and it is a core value in every project we work on. Passing the CHAS assessment ensures that our management team is highly capable at managing health and safety during a project, and that we have the ability, experience and resources to carry out any project our clients require of us.

SafeContractor Approved

Simfield are accredited by SafeContractor which is a globally recognised health and safety assessment company which highlights our commitment to taking health and safety seriously. This accreditation provides our clients peace of mind, knowing that every project we undertake is planned and executed to a high and professional standard.

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Some Of Our Clients

We ensure our clients requirements are met beyond their expectations.

Base Structures

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I can confirm that Simfield Access Solutions Ltd and Andy Manterfield are professional, skilled and conscientious contractors who have successfully undertaken installation works for Base Structures. The team at Simfield were easy to communicate with, thorough and performed well over the duration of their works, which were completed on time and to our satisfaction. I would certainly consider using them in the future.

Vector Foiltec

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At Vector Foiltec, we know a strong and reliable supply chain is important to ours and our client’s success. After many years of working together we know we can rely on Simfield to deliver to the highest quality through rigorous processes and to find solutions to the challenges that arise. Simfield are a key part of the Vector Foiltec team and that is reflected in the way we work together.

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5 5 1
Having worked with Simfield Access Solutions on numerous projects in the past, I can confirm that they persistently deliver to an exceptional standard and complete all tasks on time. Andy, Steve and the team are professional, reliable and have integrity. They collaborate effectively to get the job done which is why I will be continuing to use them in the future.

Use Simfield Access Solutions for a reliable executive experience.

At Simfield Access Solutions safety and quality of work are our highest priority.​