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Our UAV Solution

Simfield Air is our industry standard drone that was designed to get to places not achievable by other means without the high expense or safety concerns of conventional methods. Our UAV can carry out a range of aerial services at an extremely high standard such as; structural and building inspections, land surveying, mapping, Night flying and 360-degree panorama.

The Benefits of
Simfield Air

Simfield Air has many benefits which make it an essential asset whilst carrying out tasks in difficult to reach locations. Simfield Air is a quick and reliable method to doing initial inspections as it requires far less man power which saves time and money. Furthermore, its live feed feature allows for enhanced collaboration and more client control over the project.

Qualified and Certified
UAV Pilots

The Simfield Air team are highly qualified, passionate and experienced pilots and are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This ensures that our services are carried out to meet the highest safety standards. The team are regularly trained to enhance their capabilities to make every project a success.


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Simfield Air Inspections

With the emergence of UAV technology, inspections have never been so quick, safe and cost effective. Drones allow us to get into tight locations which are unachievable by any other means. The team can carry out any structural, building, roof or bespoke inspections at ease using our Simfield Air solution. Call today!

Simfield Air Surveying

At Simfield Air we carry out a wide range of modern surveying methods which are just as effective both day and night. We provide a wide range of cost effective survey services that include; land surveys, thermal imaging and night flying. By utilising drone technology our services are more effective than ever before.

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